November 2016

Monster on My Bed - Larry Dennis
    Lucy - Chaz Gentry   
    When Frida Became - Two Cats Fighting
    Granddaughters - Larry Dennis   
    Shitty Jobs - Dani Larson & Britt Harris
    Reality  - Stephanie Lokelani   
    Press On - Tom Sanford   
    American Sweepstakes - Travis Wright   
    Time Girl - Ian Taylor       
    Lester Burnham - Will Schmeckpeper     
    Goodbye  - Stephanie Lokelani    
    Room and Board - Andrew Ellis    

May 2017

On Purpose -- Ian Taylor
Annie's Cabin -- Andrew Ellis
Napa County Water -- Marie Marx Strohm
Daddy Makes Nine -- Larry Dennis
Haunted -- Sarah Goodwin
Dead Bed -- Lee Vander Boegh, Kristy Lussier
White Ghost -- Casey Walker
Badger Game - Kip Whitaker, Luke Moody
Girl Love -- Two Evil Actors
Lost Love -- Linda Yordy
Time Wall -- Jeff Agostas
Hawaii -- Stephanie Lokelani Cullen

November 2017

Blend In -- April Matson
Make It Count -- Austin Von Johnson
A Life Less Fabricated -- Brandon Freeman
Returning Andrew -- Brian Jagger
The Profile -- Brian McGahuey
Cold Feet -- Chris Kulin
From Ashes To Eternity -- Eric Hyde
Blind -- Hailey Jackson
Pin Drop -- Kip Whittaker, Luke Moody
Mahogany Sky -- Larry Dennis
Hinsdale -- Lee Vander Boegh, Kristy Lussier
The Three Siblings -- Timothy Orme
Netherworld's Domestic Blend -- Tom Sanford, Travis Schwartz

May 2018

Hatos Komikos -- Scott Grady
When the Gods Trembled -- Ryan Oswald
Nature Calls -- Harry Vincent
In Between -- Elizabeth Findley
The Skepna -- Hailey M Jackson
I'm Fine -- Brandon Freeman
A President, a Pacifist, an Auto Restorer -- Larry Dennis
Danny and the Tree -- Sean Conroy Mehen/Cary Judd
Dear Church: I'm Gay -- Steven Siwak Jr
Death Pump! -- Andrew Ellis
One Up -- Kody Newton
Woodchuck High -- Unschooled Productions
State Disco: Million Miles Away -- The Video Taper Guys

November 2018

Cats & Dolls - Alex Ravella
No Good Night - Jon Conti & Chad Case
Sage Venom -  Scott & April Grady
Styx - Richard Martin
Glow (For My Eye Only) - Bryan Bowermaster
The Kisk of Love - Larry Dennis
The Swallow - Elizabeth Findley
Blood Shed - Grant Osman
Boneyard - Justin Buss
Danny & the Bike - Cary Judd
Bacquets Restaurant - Benjamin Peterson
Out Tonight (Red Light Challenge) - Kody Newton